Data-driven lease, fit-out and operations

Our technology allows fast and objective space selection, fit out and operations so tenants can focus on what matters most:
– building an effective business.

Stop searching. Pair up.

We analyze hundreds of variables to prepare reliable proposals and identify the ideal space for your business.

The largest database requires a unique approach to its analysis. Our proprietary way of comparing buildings and services marks the end of
painstaking search for offers. Tell us what you need, get instant recommendations and save time.

Precise analysis.

Choosing an office doesn’t have to be based on intuition and uncertainty.

Our technology for finding space and calculating the dimensions of a location’s attractiveness analyzes, among other things, location, traffic, public transportation, and services in the area.

This allows us to accurately and objectively compare all properties that meet the criteria according to communication efficiency and fit with the priorities you and your company have defined.

24k commercial buildings
600h on commuting
That's how much a medium-sized company (about 50 employees) can save annually.
€8 000 savings on lease

An ever-growing database

TenanTeam is already the largest database of space and services in the commercial real estate industry, and it’s growing all the time. Even now, as you read these words.

The second technological solution that distinguishes TenanTeam is a tool for “digging” information about buildings and services. We analyze not only pages, but also images containing valuable data. The biggest base means the biggest choice, that is why in TenanTeam your company has the biggest chance to find and create the perfect space.

We, the TenanTeam

There are people behind every technology.

We connect the world of IT with real estate. Meet our interdisciplinary team dedicated to redefining the process of leasing and operating space.